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Rewa & Co Law Firm


Introducing Our

Law Firm

Rewa & Co is a full-service Litigation & Non-Litigation Law Firm that represents clients in Legal Due Diligent, Litigation Lawyer, Licensing and Legal Compliance, Legal Consultant, Settlement of disputes outside the Court, and Partnership.


The practice areas of our lawyers and legal experts encompass the entirety of the Republic of Indonesia. The scope of our legal practice includes non-litigation matters, litigation, corporate law, as well as the management of licensing, public bureaucracy, and other related legal interests of our clients.

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Our Business Sectors

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Legal Due Diligent

Related to the business procurement process, which requires a comprehensive legal review of the cooperation contract or business contract entered into with other parties.

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Litigation Lawyer

Related to handling the resolution of cases experienced by our clients.

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Licensing and Legal Compliance

Representing and/or accompanying clients in handling legal document management related to the legal and licensing needs of legal entities/associations in accordance with the client's legal interests.

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Fiat justitia ruat coelum
Even if the sky will collapse tomorrow, even if the world will perish, or even if it requires sacrificing goodness, justice must still be upheld
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Our Teams

Ardy Putra Soetopo, S.H

Managing Partner

Andrew Fritz Limahelu, S.H

Senior Partner

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