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Rewa & Co Law Firm

Rewa & Co Law Firm, is an experienced and competent law firm in the field of law, which has been active in the legal field as an advocate since 2017 and is affiliated with the Perhimpunan Advokat Indonesia (PERADI). As for legality, our office has been registered with the Kementrian Hukum dan Hak Asasi Manusia (Kemenkumham) and we have an office located at Jl. Panglima Polim X Number 07, Melawai Village, Kebayoran Baru District, South Jakarta, DKI Jakarta.

Kota Metropolis

Rewa & Co Law Firm


Retainer Fee

The collaboration between the Company and our Office is based on a Retainer Agreement for a period of 1 (one) year, which can be extended based on mutual agreement. During the term of the contract, the Company becomes a Retainer Client, whereby our Office can assist with legal issues related to the scope of Non-Litigation matters faced by the Company. The amount of the retainer fee is payable on a monthly basis, based on a 20 (twenty) working hours per month agreement between both parties.

Non Retainer (Per Case)

The collaboration is based on a Special Power of Attorney granted by the Client to our Office, where legal fees are intended for handling legal issues in both Litigation and Non-Litigation matters in the scope of civil, criminal, and other procedural laws, depending on the agreement set forth in a separate Legal Services Agreement, apart from the Retainer Agreement.

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Ardy Putra Soetopo, S.H

Managing Partner

We are committed to protecting our corporate clients in their collaborative efforts with third-party entities, in accordance with legal regulations. Our aim is to ensure that all collaborations are conducted in adherence to legal procedures and regulations.

Email : Telephone / Whatsapp: +62-813-8822-5159

Our Associates

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1. Criminal Procedure Code
2. Civil Procedure Law
3. Special Criminal Procedure Code
4. Special Civil Procedure Law
5. Company Law
6. Health Law/Medicolegal
7. Employment Law
8. Agrarian Law
9. Mining and Energy Law
10. Bankruptcy Law and PKPU
11. Intellectual Property and Rights Law
12. Constitutional Law
13. State Administrative Law
14. Capital Market Law
15. Tax Law
16. Environmental Law

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